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lost in thought ([personal profile] towerofhearts) wrote2011-09-11 12:39 am

Icon Challenge 2.0

Last month, Pris and I decided to give our icon-making challenge another shot and this time we went with the three basic primary colours and those in-between for the theme. For fandoms, we chose Spirited Away, Death Note, Bleach, and Vocaloid. Under the cut you can find my results for each, all 20 of them. Curious? Click to see 'em!

Standard procedure for icon-taking goes as well:

+ No hotlinking.
+ Credit is appreciated, but not necessary. Just don't claim as yours.
+ Comments are ♥. Feedback is great.

And check out my partner-in-crime's icons here.

yellow - bleach

red - death note

mixed - spirited away

blue - vocaloid