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lost in thought ([personal profile] towerofhearts) wrote2011-09-13 07:34 am

This is what I get up to before work apparently.

I'm in your internet, stealing your memes. Taken from [personal profile] stharridan again!

Give me any characters or pairings. Give me an AU setting. I'll write a three-sentence fic for ya.

- Katekyo Hitman Reborn
- Bleach
- Naruto
- Pandora Hearts
- X-Men: First Class
- BBC's Merlin

And probably quite a few others, just ask~

Also, uh, have a rough (and fail) sketch of puppy!Cozart and kitty!Giotto. Because I had some free time this morning. >.> Remind me not to try drawing ever again. whatisthismess.