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Title: Best of Friends
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.
Characters/Pairings: Lambo, I-pin
Word Count: (+/-) 922
Warnings: None.
Summary: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Notes: Written for ideal_fairytale as an insanely late birthday gift. I went with her prompt of ‘write about how Lambo or I-pin view their relationship’ and this is what I ended up with. Un-edited, so lots of mistakes probably, but it’s finished! Kind of just a short snippet of introspection and silliness. Hope you like it, Pris!

Friends. It was a word that defined them. Together, they were an unstoppable force, a law onto themselves. Apart, they were nothing more than mere shadows of their former selves, their lives and destines intertwined for the greatest of reasons. The reason being that they were friends, that one simple word, and they did not let one fall behind while they could still reach out a hand and help the other along.

Lambo had grown up in the midst of a small Family where he had learned that if he wanted to be the best, he had to think like the best - and the best didn't take any chances with their feelings. They lived for one purpose: to get stronger. And Lambo wanted to be the best; he would do anything to be acknowledged. Meeting Reborn had changed his life in many ways, but the greatest was when Tsuna came into his life, bringing with him all the craziness possible.

He started learning that their was more to life than being the best and he was finally given the attention he wanted once he had settled into Tsuna's home, being cared for by the person he viewed as a big brother and a mother he had never had. There was so much more to everything than he had realized and now he could be a kid, a spoiled little kid, and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. He had even made a 'friend' his own age when I-pin moved in with no where else to go. Though calling them friends at that point in their life was stretching it. The bond had grown with them as they turned from kids to young adults, moving on with their lives step by step.

For I-pin, her life had consisted of solely her Master for the longest time that she had found it odd to be part of this nonsensical family she had become a part of in no time at all. There was no longer that empty space where she had always known something was missing, unable to realize what it was until it was there. Despite the language barrier, she communicated with them on a regular basis, in her own way, and conveyed that sense of belonging with little things. She helped out in the kitchen, willingly did chores when asked, and happily lent a hand when her assistance was required in a more battle-oriented way.

The latter brought up objections, Tsuna adamant that children shouldn't fight, but one hit from Lambo's bazooka and there were no further complaints. Those memories, of course, were the haziest in her mind and she didn't quite understand them herself, but apparently that was how it was meant to be and she was all right with that. Her future self had been of help, she would remember thinking, and that would bring a rush of warmth throughout her, possibly a mixture of embarrassment and pride. Thankfully not enough to set off her innate bomb, but still there, those feelings, and it was enough for her.

Interacting with a child her own age had shaped her into the young woman she was these days, head-strong and independent and taking on her own life instead of living the one that had been set out in front of her. In a world where children didn't grow up with their real parents, often lost them at a young age, and didn't know where to turn, it was a relief to find what could only be described as a true family among the Vongola. They were a different style of mafia, their leader someone completely unexpected.

Still, as close as they were, Lambo and I-pin didn't always see eye to eye. There were times when they just wanted to throw up their hands and say 'I'm done!' Times like now.

"That doesn't go there, idiot! Stupid tail-head!" Lambo sprang into action before the vase could hit the floor. "Where are your glasses?"

I-pin frowned, squinted, and asked, "Why do you ask? And since when did you put on that helmet, Lambo-san?"

The helmet she was referring to was, in actuality, Lambo's hair. He had accidentally been electrocuted for the second time today thanks to one of Reborn's booby traps in the house. "Never mind that! Glasses, where are your glasses?" He tentatively put the vase down on the stand it was supposed to go on and turned back to I-pin expectantly. "Tsuna would kill us if we dropped any of these antiques! They're worth hundreds, maybe thousands."

"I thought Sawada-san was donating these to the museum curator we're seeing tomorrow?" I-pin asked, confusion taking over.

"He is, but the curator is coming here to view the pieces. Didn't you read the memo?"

"What memo?"

Lambo gave up and shooed I-pin out of the room. "Come back when you can actually see!"

While she wanted to protest, I-pin couldn't really argue. It did make sense, after all. Glasses first, help later. She could do that. Now if only she could see what she needed to see. Clearly Lambo hadn't thought of that, but no matter. She could always ask ... wait, who else was here today? She went through the mental list of those at Vongola Manor today and gasped, turning to face the closed door that Lambo had shut on her. "Wait, Lambo! You have to come help me! You're the only one here!"

"Lalala, I don't hear anything!"


The best of friends, truly. That was them. Always would be.


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